The Electronic Textile Interface Swatch Book


The Electronic Textile Interface Swatch Book 2010
Clint Zeagler, Nicholas Komor, Scott Gilliland, and Thad Starner

The Textile Interface Swatchbook demonstrates how conductive embroidery can render graphical user interface-like (GUI) widgets on fabric. Such widgets might be used to control mobile electronics such as a music player, mobile phone, or projected display. At present, seven swatches have been created for the swatchbook: pleat, menu, rocker, multitouch gesture, zipper, jog wheel, and proximity. The three most diverse and original are discussed here. In addition, we develop a hybrid resistive-capacitive touch sensing technique designed to be more tolerant to the flexing typical of fabric. We hope to develop the Textile Interface Swatch Book into a reference tool for textile interfaces.

Supported by a National Endowment for the Arts Grant A series of five workshops were held in 2012 with the Electronic Textile Interface Swatch Book.  These were held at Savannah College of Art and Design, Smart Fabrics Conference, Georgia Tech GVU 20, and at the Georgia Tech School of Industrial Design.


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